Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tiny BD Nano Needles

Karl uses the tiny little 4mm BD Nano Pen Needles (for insulin pens), which are really short and have worked great for us -- no problems at all, and their reputation is that they're safe and painless -- it's hard to get into trouble with a needle so short! We use them for Karl's disposable Lantus pens and for Novolog in his refillable Novopen Junior insulin pen.

For some reason, our doctors started us on the mini (5mm) needles instead, so we had to get a new prescription for the nano needles. I'm told that some people are using even longer pens -- the original pen needles are three times as long as the nano!

The BD Nano page has a link to a rebate form that will let you try the needles for free.

Let's hear it for pain-free injection!

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